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PEN Pals Surveys: Why They Matter

February 20, 2012

Who are we?

PEN Pals is a community dedicated to bringing better products to the marketplace based on the opinions of those who know best: the food service professionals who rely on them.  We believe your expert opinions should be held in the highest consideration when new products are developed for market, since this goes a long way to ensuring they have true, lasting value in the real world of food service.  In other words, we want your help to ensure that the products made available to your kitchens are the products that benefit you the most.

So what difference does it make?

By giving your opinion, you tell manufacturers exactly what you need from new products.  As a result, the products that ultimately reach market tend to be far more useful to the food service operators who need them, carrying value beyond even the original estimation, and solving problems that only food service operators could identify.  What’s more, costs for developing new products decrease, resulting in an overall more affordable, more effective, and more advanced marketplace for everyone.

What does involvement look like, day-to-day?

PEN Pals is primarily an on-line survey panel—one that has been designed to best accommodate your busy schedules, on your terms.  We will alert you every few weeks when a new survey is available to you, then you complete it whenever is most convenient to you, within a healthy window.  Surveys tend to take an average of just 15 minutes, because we know you’ve got a lot on your mind.  For your time, you also receive points which can be spent on any of the gifts we offer our members, including Amazon and Chefs Club gift cards.  More information on specific rewards can be found on our website.

PEN Pals membership is reserved for restaurant owners, head chefs, and others who are in charge of making purchasing decisions for their respective establishment.  For more information, visit our website:, like us on Facebook, or email us at

Thank you for your time; we look forward to hearing from you!