What We’re Following: Pink Slime

Who online isn’t following the debate around ‘pink slime’ lately? We’ve collected here a few of the more interesting articles, both concerning pink slime itself, and one of the principle battlegrounds: school lunches, where there seems to be a growing dialog over educating students on the “How-To” and “Where-From” of their food.

Pink Slime

BPI and Pink Slime: A Timeline — Food Safety News

‘Pink Slime’ Beef Manufacturer Suspends Production At 3 Of 4 Plants Amid Outcry — Huffington Post

School Lunches

New School Lunch Rules Call for Colorful Menus — Le Mars Daily Sentinal

School Lunches From Scratch May Soon Be a Nationwide Reality — Diets in Review

‘Farm to School’ Food Reaches 500k Students — FoodServiceNews

Ditch the Mystery Meat — QSR, via Foodservice.com

Getting ‘Pink Slime’ Out of Cafeterias Not Easy — The Epoch Times

Enjoy! Feel free to add other articles in the comments section. We’d love to hear what you think about this!


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