What We’re Following: Daily Deal Sites

So-called “daily deal” online businesses sprouted up during the Recession, but as economic concerns lighten, we’re seeing increased reporting on the controversial economic effects of these deals. The questions are mounting: will “daily deal” providers survive in periods of economic growth, when local business owners may be less interested in giving massive discounts, or will they need to change their business model, and if so, in which direction will they move? What’s more, how will consumers who have come to rely on these deals react to such a change? Here’s a collection of the stories we found most interesting with regard to daily deals, and a reactionary movement identified as “Cash Mobs”.

Daily Deals

Daily Coupon Deals May Not Work for Buyers, Sellers — USA Today

When Today’s Deal is Tomorrow’s Regret — The New York Times

Why do Daily Deal Customers Leave Harsher Yelp Reviews? — Foodservice.com

Should Your Restaurant Participate in a Group-Buying Deal? — Open Forum, American Express

Cash Mobs

Cash Mobs, the Anti-Groupon, Are Coming to a Store Near You — Good Business

”Cash Mobs” Gather to Splurge in Locally Owned Stores

Cash Mobs Blog — WordPress

Changes On the Horizon

LivingSocial Launches Food Delivery Web Site — The Daily Meal


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