What We’re Following: Food Trucks

A staple in some parts of the country for years now, food trucks are growing in popularity in new markets, bringing them to the forefront of local policy in many areas. Licensing incompatibilities, concerns over food safety and community eating habits, and concern over the effects of low-cost, low-price mobile eating hubs on established brick-and-mortar restaurants and eateries have brought these mobile food providers into the courts and legislation halls all over North America. Meanwhile, the news has seen reportage on why these providers are so controversial, and what place they hold in the food service industry as a whole, often providing a low-overhead, low-start-up-cost entry into the restaurant world for young chefs (who sometimes later make the jump to brick-and-mortar establishments), but also, perhaps surprisingly, appearing as a viable opportunity for the expansion of established restaurant brands. Here’s a look at what we’ve been reading with regard to food trucks in America:

Legal Issues

Letters: Threat to Food Trucks in Baton Rouge — The Advocate

Midwest Food Trucks Hit Legal Roadblocks — Changing Gears

Chicago Food Trucks Steer Around Legal Speedbumps — Mobile-Cuisine

Danger Zone for DC’s Food Trucks — The Washington Post

Food Truck Roadblock — The Chicago Reader

Food Trucks vs Traditional Restaurants

City Council Not Lovin’ Burger King’s Food Truck Idea — Gothamist

Food Trucks as a Vehicle to Sit-Down Restaurant Success — The LA Times

Food Truck Fad Comes to Fine Hotels Hawking Restaurant Fare — USA Today

Food Trucks Taking a Bite out of Restaurants — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Food Trucks Shift From Road to Restaurant — American Public Media, Marketplace

The Atlanta Food Truck Park to open this month — Access Atlanta


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2 Responses to “What We’re Following: Food Trucks”

  1. Bill Chance Says:

    I working on a blog entry on food truck permitting issues – thanks for the links.

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