What We’re Following: School Lunches

While never exactly far from public scrutiny, public school lunches have shot to the top of the headlines in recent weeks following the start of the Pink Slime controversy. Here we provide excerpts from the current dialogue, and a healthy bit of retrospective on where this dialogue, so consistently laden with morally-evocative rhetoric, has been in recent years.


Chef Ann Cooper Explains School Lunch — Dana Woldow, Beyond Chron

Sixth Graders Write Op-Ed to Protest 10-Minute Lunch Period — Bettina Elias Siegel, The Lunch Tray

11 Minutes To Eat School Lunch?!? — Tom Philpott, Mother Jones

School Lunch Fraud Goes to Grand Jury — Joy O., Gather News

Under the Shadow of Pink Slime

New School Lunch Rules Call for Colorful Menus — Le Mars Daily Sentinal

School Lunches From Scratch May Soon Be a Nationwide Reality — Diets in Review

‘Farm to School’ Food Reaches 500k Students — FoodServiceNews


…And a Refresher From the ‘Pizza is a Vegetable’ Controversy of Last Year

No, Congress did not declare pizza a vegetable — Sarah Kliff, The Washington Post


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