What We’re Following: Foodservice Tech Trends, Part 2

This week we’re taking a closer look at the news surrounding the ever-quickening rate at which tablets are invading the POS environment. The changes enabled by these handy little devices include putting the task of ordering entirely within the hands of the customer, but are surely not limited to that (and it’s still pretty difficult to imagine a world where we don’t expect waiters around every corner!). To help you keep up with the tablet-driven ideas floating around the industry, we’ve collected the most interesting articles here, so you can peruse at your convenience, and see how YOU feel about the future of ordering. Think the iPad will replace the waiter? Let us know in the comments! πŸ™‚

Tech Migrations

PayPal debuts in bars, restaurants with Tabbedout integration β€” gigaom

New Square device replaces cash register β€” Jon Swartz, USA TODAY

A Powerful New Ordering Experience

Harbortouch POS Announces iPad Tableside Order System β€” Technorati

Will The iPad And E La Carte’s ‘Presto’ Make Waiters Obsolete? β€” Bonnie Kavoussi, Huffington Post

At the Restaurant of the Future, This Gadget Takes Your Order β€” The Atlantic

Tablets Fight for a Seat at Restaurant Tables β€” Sarah Kessler, Mashable


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