What We’re Following: Local Food

The trend toward emphasizing local food shows no signs of stopping, if you follow the quantity, and quality, of reportage on it. The success of journalists like Michael Pollen, originator of “Food Rules” and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and countless controversial food industry documentaries, in the past few years has been a sign, as well as source, of the increasing attention being paid to where our food comes from.  No longer limited to the ranks of gourmands and young urban professionals, this interest in food, and the preference for local and organic sources has developed into an ubiquitous trend.  What’s more, urban centers have been taking the lead in the media, as producers and restaurants adapt to changing tastes, increasing awareness, within city limits. We’ve assembled here some of the most interesting articles of the past few months:

Local Flavor

Founding Farmers Cultivate New Ground — Bob Krummert, Restaurant Hospitality

Craft Beers Driving Up Sales — Amanda Baltazar, Restaurant Management Magazine

Taking Local to the Next Level — Sonya Chudgar, Restaurant Management Magazine

In an Old Chicago Meat Plant, Greens and Fish Grow — Martha Irvine, Seattle PI

Food’s Impact on Rebuilding New Orleans — Olga Bonfiglio, Huffington Post

Which State Eats the Most Local Foods — Marcy Franklin, The Daily Meal

Learning the Source

‘Farm To School’ Food Reaches 500K StudentsFoodservicenews.net

School Lunches From Scratch May Soon Be a Nationwide Realitydietsinreview.com

Universities Banning Bottled Water on Campus — Jodi S Cohen, The Kansas City Start


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